How to Add Prices to Your Products in Shopify in 2022

November 04, 2019

Shopify makes it fairly straight forward to add products to your store, however, the more products you add and the more you want to requirements you have for your products, the more complex your product options can be.

1. Select products on the lefthand side



2. Create your product



Select the "Add product" button at the top right and start to fill in your information. Fill in:

- Title: Be as descriptive as possible here.

- Description: The description will show up in different places depending on the theme on the product pages. 

- Images: Upload clean and vibrant product photography.

- Pricing: Input your pricing. The "Compare at price" is a price that is struck out on product pages to show the item as discounted. The "Cost per item" is a feature that Shopify gives you to calculate your margins and generate sales reports.

- Inventory: Here you have the ability to input a SKU, track the quantity of an item in stock, and continue selling an item when out of stock.

- Shipping: You have the ability to sell a physical product or a digital product here. These input fields allow you to add a weight if you are calculating weight-based shipping prices.

- Variants: If your product has multiple variants (different sizes, colors, etc) then select this option. This allows you to create multiple variants for one product. Once you save a product and go back to edit it, you can change the price of an individual variant.

To do this, select all variants and then open the bulk editor or edit under "More Actions."


Search engine listing preview: This feature allows you to edit how your search engine listing will look. For example, it changes how the page will show up inn Google's search engine.


3. Edit product pages in the editor

Select "Customize" in the "Themes" section of the "Online Store."



Once you've loaded the homepage, select the dropdown and click "Product pages." This will allow you to make customizations to all product pages on your store.